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Aluminum Hooks are listed on the lower half of this page.

Our special-order woods offer the ultimate crochet hook comfort and beauty.

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Crochet to Your Heart's Content with a Wood-Handled Crochet Hook from Boomerang Professional

The handcrafted cherry wood handles of our crochet hooks make even the smallest sized hook comfortable to hold. Their ergonomic design lets your fingers fly for hours without pain, cramping or fatigue.

All our steel-tipped crochet hooks are Susan Bates®, and all our aluminum hooks are Wrights® Boye®. A small "tail" protrudes from the bottom of each handle, perfect for adding a bead or other embellishment to make the hook uniquely your own. They all make wonderful gifts for the crocheters and beaders in your life!

Woods other than cherry are available by special order; click here to see samples and for ordering information.

Tip from the experts: Jan uses a size 1.15/10 steel-tipped hook to bead crochet with nylon upholstery thread. Linda Lehman prefers a 1.40/8 hook, using perle cotton.

Jan recommends an aluminum hook size 4.25/G or 5.0/H for crocheting beads with ribbon.

Clear size 1/o beads crocheted on variegated rayon ribbon. See more of Jan's work in our Gallery.

Steel-Tipped Crochet Hooks
$23.95 each - shipping is free!

Metric Size
Susan Bates Size
0.90 14
0.95 13
1.00 12
1.05 11
1.15 10
1.25 9
1.40 8
1.50 7
1.60 6
1.70 5
1.75 4
2.10 3
2.20 2
2.35 1
2.55 0
2.70 00

Aluminum Crochet Hooks
$23.95 each - shipping is free!

Metric Size Boye Size  Qty
2.25 B
2.75 C
3.25 D
3.5 E
3.75 F
4.25 G
5.0 H
5.5 I
6.0 J
6.5 K

Aluminum hooks come in a variety of colors. We regret we can not fill orders for specific colors.

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